Short Stories 小说

English synopsis/translations available per request.


  • “伴我同行” Stand by Me
    • 首发于《猫不存在》选集,The anthology Cat Non-Exist. May. 2020
  • “兔与鸭” Rabbit and Duck
    • 首发于《特区文学》2020年第三期,Special Zone Literature, 2020 Issue No.3


  • “铸梦” Forging Dreams
    • 首发于第七届豆瓣阅读征文大赛, The 7th Douban Read’s Writing Contest, Dec. 2019 (Link)
    • 转载于《中华文学选刊》2020年第三期,Reprinted By Chinese Literature Selection, 2020 Issue No. 3.
  • “涂色世界” Color the World
    • 首发于《科幻世界》2019年第十期, Science Fiction World, 2019 October Issue.
    • 收录于《2019中国最佳科幻作品》姚海军编,Reprinted By The Best Chinese SF of 2019, edited by Yao Haijun.
    • 意大利文版收录于2020年选<Stori dal domani 6>, Italian version published in Stori dal domani 6, the annual Future Fiction anthology, Edited by Francesco Verso.
  • “风起华西” The Wind of Lizhuang
    • 首发于《不存在日报》2019年“科幻春晚”,The Non-exist Daily, Sci-Fi Spring Festival Gala, Jan. 2019 (Link)
    • 转载于《中华文学选刊》2019年第四期,Reprinted By Chinese Literature Selection 2019 Issue No. 4.


  • “沙与星”  Sand and Star
    • 首发于第六届豆瓣阅读征文大赛, The 6th Douban Read’s Writing Contest, Dec. 2018 (Link)
  • “假手于人” By Those Hands
    • 首发于第七届未来科幻大师奖,The 7th Masters of Future SF Writing Contest, Oct. 2018 (Link)
    • 转载于《中华手工》2019年01期“未来手工”专辑, Reprinted By Handicraft Magazine China in 2019’s special issue: Future Handicrafts. 
    • 收录于《2018中国最佳科幻作品》姚海军编, Reprinted By The Best Chinese SF of 2018, edited by Yao Haijun.
    • 意大利文版收录于<Caratteri>(《人民文学》意大利文版)2019,Italian version published in Caratteri 2019 Issue, Per mano dell’altro.
  • “时间之心” The Heart of Time
    • 首发于《时间不存在》选集,The anthology Time Non-Exist. August. 2018 (Link)
  • “开往西站的特别列车”  Express to Beijing West Railway Station
    • 首发于《不存在日报》2018年“科幻春晚”,The Non-exist Daily,Sci-Fi Spring Festival Gala, Feb. 2018 (Link)
    • 转载于《文艺风象》, Reprinted By ZUI Fount 2018


  • “宛转环”  Circuitous Ring
    • 首发于第五届豆瓣阅读征文大赛, The 5th Douban Read’s Writing Contest, Sep. 2017 (Link)
  • “空中悬人” Hanging in the air
    • 首发于《不存在日报》2017年“科幻春晚”,The Non-exist Daily,Sci-Fi Spring Festival Gala, Feb. 2017(Link)


  • “刍狗” Straw Dog
    • 首发于第四届豆瓣阅读征文大赛, The 4th Douban Read’s Writing Contest, Dec. 2016(Link)