Awards 奖项


  • 《铸梦》 Forging Dreams
    • 2020年收获文学排行榜中篇小说入围 Harvest Literature Annual Novella Award, Finalist
    • 第七届豆瓣阅读征文大赛幻想组三等奖 The 7th Douban Read’s Writing Contest, Third Prize
  • 《涂色世界》Color the World
    • 第31届中国科幻银河奖最佳短篇小说奖 The 31st Chinese Sci-fi Galaxy Award, Best Short Story


  • N/A
    • 第十届全球华语科幻星云奖最佳新锐作家银奖(2016 – 2018年度) The 10th Global Chinese Sci-Fi Nebula Award – Silver Award (the Best New Writer, 2016 – 2018)
  • 《沙与星》  Sand and Star
    • 第六届豆瓣阅读征文大赛评委选择奖 – 韩松  The 6th Douban Read’s Writing Contest, Juror’s Pick by Han Song


  • 《假手于人》 By Those Hands
    • 第七届未来科幻大师奖一等奖, The 7th Masters of Future SF Writing Contest, First Prize
  • 《宛转环》 The Serpentine Band
    • 第五届豆瓣阅读征文大赛特别奖 – 最佳科幻内核  The 5th Douban Read’s Writing Contest, Special Award for Best SF Concept